Hitman to Become Hulu TV Series


In the case of games, storyline, and mythology tend to be as vast and sprawling as that of your favorite series of novels, which can be hard to adapt without watering down at least some part of it. What's more is the fact that John Wick creator, Derek Kolstad, will be writing the pilot for the series.

Deadline is reporting that Kolstad, who is now writing the third John Wick film, will executive produce the series alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon. According to Deadline, Kolstad's on board to write the pilot and executive produce the series. Fox released two films about the game's main character Agent 47 - 2007's Hitman and 2015's Hitman: Agent 47.

With that, you'd expect any subsequent live action attempts to go the stealthier route, but let's not forget that Hollywood loves its explosions. Fox 21's Kira Innes will serve as director, while Jordan Helman from Hulu will also help to oversee the project's success.

Hitman's two outings to the silver screen have not set the box office on fire, although I quite enjoyed the first film, and now our shiny headed hero is heading to an altogether smaller screen. And just one week after IO Interactive released the Hitman: Game of the Year Edition, Agent 47 got a different kind of contract - a television one. It has players taking on the role of Agent 47 as he figures out ways to use the environment and an assortment of tools and weapons to eliminate his targets. Only time will tell.



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