Harvey Weinstein had 'hitlist' of 91 Hollywood figures aware of sex allegations


Harvey Weinstein had 'hitlist' of 91 Hollywood figures aware of sex allegations

Alleged serial sexual harasser and assaulter Harvey Weinstein reportedly had a list of almost 100 people of interest for his team of private investigators to target in the event that any of them threatened to expose his misconduct.

Investigators were to collect information on the targets and give that information to Weinstein and his attorneys, according to The Guardian.

It was compiled early in 2017, nine months before The New York Times published its October 5 bombshell report containing multiple sexual assault accusations against Weinstein.

Obtained by The Observer and revealed Sunday (19 November), the list included a slew of prominent accusers including actors Rose McGowan, Laura Madden and Zelda Perkins.

Weinstein handed the list over to a team he hired, with the objective of silencing those listed and preventing them from making their claims public.

Also listed on the document are actresses Sophia Dix, Annabella Sciorra, Katherine Kendall, all of whom have come forward with disturbing claims about Weinstein. Perkins said she faced years of sexual harassment before she left the company in 1998.

A note on the list showed that Madden had been investigated and was described as "very bitter" against the director. She broke a non-disclosure agreement in her interview with the Financial Times. At least 10 live in London, but the majority are based in NY, according to The Guardian.

Some names, including those of McGowan, Madden and Dix, are highlighted in red, indicating they are a priority for investigators.

More than 50 women have publicly accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault, rape, and inappropriate behaviour that spans four decades.

"Any "lists" that were prepared included names of former employees and others who were relevant to the research and preparation of a book about Miramax", Sallie Hofmeister, a spokesperson for Weinstein, told The New Yorker.

So far, nearly 60 women have come forward with allegations of rape, harassment and inappropriate behavior against Weinstein, prompting police investigations by the NYPD, LAPD, Scotland Yard and the Beverly Hills police.



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