#GivingTuesday focuses on giving to organizations, local communities


#GivingTuesday focuses on giving to organizations, local communities

"Giving Tuesday is getting more and more acceptance and notoriety in the last few years in response to the focus on Black Friday", said Anita Zurbrugg, program director at DeKalb County Community Foundation.

Southern Nevadans feeling generous can give to several different local organizations, and can help in a multitude of ways including monetary donations, donating goods or volunteering. It's a largely on-line campaign that uses the power of social media to encourage people to contribute as much as they can in one day to the charities of their choice.

There are 240 organizations verified through Giving Tuesday in Nevada locals can donate to.

You can find the location of a Salvation Army Shelter here. Always research to verify that your selected charity operates ethically. You could double your donations on Facebook.

Many groups also collect items you already have on hand, like canned food or gently used clothing to redistribute to those in need. GiveWell doesn't charge any administrative fees, but donations made by credit card are subject to a 2.15 percent processing fee, plus an additional $0.28 per transaction. And, in the true spirit of Giving Tuesday, they provide a portion of every purchase to charity.

On Kout, you can play free games for a chance to win discounts on your shopping - they have thousands to choose from from your favorite brands. So you're saving while your donating!

Of course, we also understand that people may want to help, but aren't in a position to assist monetarily right now.

The global movement was founded in 2012, with the goal of giving back.



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