Fort Bend Owners of Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Threaten Civil Rights Lawsuit


Fort Bend Owners of Anti-Trump Bumper Sticker Threaten Civil Rights Lawsuit

"A difference in political views does not give Sheriff Nehls the right to target citizens".

At a news conference outside the Fort Bend County Justice Center on Monday, Fonseca slammed the sheriff, who is considering a run for Congress, and accused him of pulling a political stunt.

"I demand an apology from Sheriff Nehls for targeting (Fonseca) and making her life and her family's life a living nightmare", Reynolds said in a public statement on Monday.

He posted a photo of the truck message on Facebook on Wednesday alongside a request to speak with the driver. "When you're in politics, people know how to work the system".

Her identity revealed, authorities claimed she had an outstanding warrant for fraud and arrested her last Thursday.

She says the Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls saw the truck or a picture of the truck and allegedly posted about it on social media.

Fonesca shared an updated photograph to Facebook of her truck on Sunday, which showed the new Nehls sticker and another one, which simply said, "YEAH.".

In the post, Nehls said he had consulted with prosecutors and the driver would be hit with charges for disorderly conduct if a modification wasn't made.

The next day, Nehls deleted the post. Nehls posted a photo of the back of a white pickup truck with a tinted back window and a large sticker that reads, "F*** Trump, and f*** you for voting for him". The indictment charges that Fonseca "pursuant to one scheme and continuing course of conduct, did, unlawfully and with the intent to harm or defraud another, obtain and or possess and or transfer and or use the identifying information of [name removed]".

Fronseca has since added a second, matching sticker directed at Nehls to the back of her truck.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas posted on Facebook that Fonseca's message is protected speech and urged her to reach out to the organization.

"'We have to protect people's First Amendment right to free speech", Reynolds said. "But at the same time, I feel it was gone about the wrong way and the sticker is appropriate", she said. Fonseca was arrested, but not for the anti-Trump message.

Nehls asked for the owner of the truck to meet with him, saying that charges may be pressed.



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