Fix Apple's Annoying IOS Update "i" Bug With These Two Tricks


Fix Apple's Annoying IOS Update

This is needed to prevent the character from being automatically corrected to garbage.

Despite the fact that the new software launched a week ago, Apple users are still waiting for the bug to get fixed. "A fix will be released very soon".

"WHY does my #iphone keep changing the letter "i" to I?!" It's a known bug.

For Phrase, type an upper-case "I".

To create a new text replacement, go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement.

So far, there is n0 wo½rd on exactly when an µpdate for the prÕblem could arrA˜ve.

Unlike other P2P payment services, no additional downloads are necessary once you've updated to the new iOS 11.2 public beta operating system.

The issue appears to impact iPhone users on its most recent mobile software, iOS 11.1.

Here the user can resort to text replacement. Some users have reported that a lower-case "I" character is appearing in the emoji picker, while others are seeing the odd unicode character where a normal "I" is written.

That said, we could see the iOS 11.2 update emerge alongside the HomePod speaker in December. iOS 11.2 delivers SiriKit for HomePod.

The reason behind the bug is unclear, and while a significant portion of iOS 11.1 users are experiencing the problem, not everyone is seeing it. The site also reports that you can initiate Apple Pay Cash payments in Siri and Contacts, as well. Users will have to wait until Apple releases more information regarding a permanent bug fix for this problem.



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