Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Will Be Playable In Tekken 7


Bandai Namco has announced another crossover character coming to Tekken 7.

Right before the Top 8 of the tour's finals were set to start, we were treated to a trailer from Harada himself. The DLC pack will also include a new Final Fantasy XV inspired stage, which takes place in the auto park of a Mini Mart, where a few familiar faces spectate on the action. Introduced in a 4-minute trailer, Noctis receives a call from TEKKEN's Lars and agrees to help him with a mission.

Video courtesy of the Bandai Namco Entertainment America's YouTube Channel. Now we've got the Xenomorph and Leatherface in Mortal Kombat, plus General RAAM and the Battletoads in Killer Instinct, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Injustice. He'll join the fighter sometime during Spring 2018.

Tekken 7 has been enjoying release for some time now.

One of my favourite games of yesteryear was Final Fantasy XV and Noctis as a character kind of made it for me.

According to game director Katsuhiro Harada, the development team still wants to add new content to Tekken 7 and adding new characters and meddling with the roster balance can potentially work against their goal.



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