Facebook: 88% of ad revenue is from mobile


Facebook: 88% of ad revenue is from mobile

On the one hand, it has never been stronger financially and in terms of the size of its community of users.

Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 88 per cent of advertising revenue for the third quarter of 2017, up from approximately 84 per cent of advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2016.

The UK newspaper said the disclosure could lead to Facebook coming under increased scrutiny about the accuracy of its data and it comes as the company, along with other social media giants, came under pressure this week to explain whether their platforms spread fake news during the USA presidential election. "We're investing so much in security that it will impact our profitability".

The social network is hugely profitable with a net income of $4.7bn, or $1.59 a share, again ahead of the $1.28 analysts had forecasted.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did a "masterful" job discussing the impact of Russia's election meddling during the company's post-earnings conference call, CNBC's Jim Cramer said Thursday. We build these tools to help people connect and bring us closer together.

"Protecting our community is more important than maximizing our profits", Zuckerberg said in a statement.

Yep, the Facebook juggernaut is maintaining momentum and gaining velocity.

Our community continues to grow, now with almost 2.1 billion people using Facebook every month, and almost 1.4 billion people using it daily.

Facebook's stock rallied throughout much of the day yesterday, and even hit a record high of $182.69 a share-despited a series of hearings on Capitol Hill this week during which the company was grilled by Congress about its Russian Federation problem.

Business Insider reported Facebook explaining that the changes were due to "a new methodology for duplicate accounts that included improvements to the data signals we rely on". Facebook Inc (FB) now boasts of over 2 billion monthly users, an increase from 1.7 billion a year ago.

The social network continues to hinge its growth efforts on the smartphone and, while virtual reality (VR) and Oculus are part of the narrative going forward, the present is really all about video. Video, in particular, will be a key area in the next three years.

CFO David Wehner noted that the operating expenses will surge as the company spends more on security and original content. Facebook added that it would keep investing in its fledgling VR and AR businesses. Total headcount was 23,165 as of September 30, 2017, an increase of 47%.

"We have seen Facebook's stock price grow by over 50 per cent this year and it's not showing signs of slowing". Further, Wehner said that capital expenditure would double in 2018. "Facebook is about bringing people closer together and enabling meaningful social interactions; it's not primarily about passively consuming content", he said.



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