Eagles scored so much it literally ran out of fireworks


Eagles scored so much it literally ran out of fireworks

For Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, the recognition for his dominant performance against the Denver Broncos in his team's 51-23 win is coming in the form of MVP discussion. Two of the NFL's top defenses got to play on the same field yesterday and only one could come out on top.

According to a tweet from the Eagles, the stadium ran out of fireworks to celebrate home team touchdowns.

The Eagles made the swap early on trade deadline day, shocking everyone. The Denver defense is known for their "No Fly Zone" because they specialize in shutting down opposing quarterbacks. He has the National Football League lead in touchdown passes (23), and he's second in yards and third in rating. Alshon Jeffery pitched in 84 yards and was on the receiving end of two of Wentz's touchdowns. Some think that he could be doing more or that Wentz is not throwing him good balls.

You can forgive the party-planning committee at the Linc for being caught off guard by seven touchdowns in one game, but with the offense firing on all cylinders, it might be best to overprepare moving forward this season.

Patrick Robinson, starting in place of Ronald Darby, took his third interception of the season back 50 yards to set up a score.

Guess which running back was responsible for three touchdowns? Adding Ajayi seemed like a low-risk move that could only benefit Blount, Ajayi, and the Eagles. They sent a fourth-round pick for Ajayi, who wasn't the same running back to start this season that he was a year ago. The undrafted rookie showed he could be a reliable weapon when given a chance.

"The best thing to do during the bye is to get away and rest", coach Doug Pederson said during Monday's live-streamed news conference.

In my opinion, players like Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Fletcher Cox and Chris Long do not get enough credit. "They run this college offense, kind of what the Chiefs do". If the Eagles want to go the Super Bowl, the defense has to continue with this formula of stopping the run and hitting the opposing quarterback. With some of the blitz pickups today we felt really confident and it worked out. "It's a college offense and he's just executing it very good".

Enjoying a solid season and feeling the freedom of the bye week, Malcolm Jenkins told on himself Sunday.



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