Donkeys jailed for four days in India for eating plants


Donkeys jailed for four days in India for eating plants

Instead of providing security to citizens and arresting criminals, the police department is busy doing the "donkey work", literally.

In a weird and an extremely unusual case, eight donkeys were "jailed" for four days for destroying "costly" flower pots and plants in Orai, Uttar Pradesh.

Jail superintendent Tulsi Ram Sharma said, "Various types of saplings were planted in the district jail premises for beautification".

When he approached jail bosses about his detained donkeys, they refused to let them go. The BJP leader accompanied Kamlesh to police station and secured release of the donkeys.

RK Mishra, head of the jail, said: 'These donkeys had destroyed some very expensive plants which our senior officer had arranged for planting inside jail and despite warnings the owner let loose his animals here so we detained the donkeys'.

VIDEO: Eight donkeys 'jailed' in India for eating plants worth Rs 50000
Donkey con: Eight donkeys are jailed for four days for destroying plants outside a prison in India

Yes, the UP police on Tuesday tweeted stating that it "has nothing to do with their (donkeys) arrest or custody". The plants apparently cost several lakhs. "For two days, I could not find my horses and donkeys".

In fact, a policeman speaking to ANI on Monday admitted that the donkeys were detained for feasting on expensive plants and destroying flower pots placed outside the prison gates.

In India, no person - or animal - can escape the law. And eventually the donkeys ended up in jail.

It was only after he enlisted the help of local politician Shakti Gahoi, who came to the jail to speak on his behalf, that the donkeys were released.



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