Defending champ Clemson atop CFP rankings, followed by Auburn, Oklahoma, Wisconsin


Defending champ Clemson atop CFP rankings, followed by Auburn, Oklahoma, Wisconsin

The top four teams in the final rankings will make the College Football Playoff.

The Crimson Tide is coming off a 26-14 loss at Auburn on Saturday.

All that could change with Auburn and Georgia playing Saturday for the SEC championship and Wisconsin and Ohio State playing Saturday for the Big 10 title.

Alabama fell from No. 1 to fifth in the new rankings Tuesday night after losing to Auburn, and Georgia was sixth. Clemson defeated Auburn earlier this year at Clemson, 14-6 and the Tigers downed Oklahoma in the 2015 College Football Playoff, semifinals 37-17. For just the second time in the history of the AP poll, there will be four games matching top-10 teams in one regular-season weekend.

Peach Bowl: No. 6 Georgia vs.

UW athletic director Barry Alvarez, a member of the selection committee from 2014 through last season, said Tuesday he has been impressed by UW's ability to win week after week and avoid getting caught up in the playoff debate. But with the Tigers No. 1 in the CFP rankings there is at least a chance they could be in the top four even with a loss to the Hurricanes. "Alabama needs help. They need Oklahoma or Wisconsin to lose and then they could get in". "Certainly not maybe in this game, but I think the team we played tonight is a very good football team - probably one of the best teams in the country".

The Big Ten serves up the most interesting situation because of the team involved. I knew that the guys on this team had the ability and the fire in their hearts to get to this point.

After the loss to Auburn last weekend, Saban said his team "deserves" an opportunity to get into the playoff. Also in the top five were No. 1 Clemson, No. 3 Oklahoma, No. 4 Wisconsin and No. 5 Alabama.

That loss turned out to be a bigger blow to Alabama than their own, and the reason shows just how quirky college football has become.

"If all goes as planned with Clemson and Oklahoma winning, you take the victor of the SEC over Alabama and then if Wisconsin wins you have to take a conference champion". Auburn previously beat Georgia when the Bulldogs were No. 1.

What is a conference championship worth? Miami (FL), Clemson's opponent in the ACC Championship game this Saturday in Charlotte, is ranked seventh with a 10-1 record. Win and you're in 3. But Wisconsin at No. 5 would reduce the chances of the Buckeyes jumping the Tide with a win. SEC champ, ACC champ, Oklahoma and Wisconsin would be your final four. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield & Co. boast victories against Ohio State, Oklahoma State and TCU and a not-as-bad loss to Iowa State. Wisconsin at No. 4 slightly improves the odds for Ohio State if they take down the Badgers. The committee can not pass over a team ranked, let's say, 11th to take a team ranked 13th because the 13th-ranked team is a more appealing draw with a bigger fanbase.



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