Couple caught having sex on Delta flight, authorities say


Couple caught having sex on Delta flight, authorities say

An unidentified 28-year-old man and 48-year-old woman were strangers before their Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Detroit on Sunday.

One passenger on the flight reportedly told, "There are children".

A man and woman have been arrested after they were allegedly caught getting frisky on a flight in the US.

"It's going to be very hard to find that this is criminal conduct under the federal code because it's not a threat to the safety of the airline, or other passengers", Henning said. "It's certainly distasteful, but it was not disruptive or interfering with the operation of the plane - and that's typically what [airline incident] charges involve". Delta declined to comment on the situation and did not say whether the pair had been drinking on the flight.

The randy couple - who officials said were strangers before the flight - were busted after it occurred while they sat in their seats.

The U.S. Attorney's Office, however, has not been notified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation about seeking charges, the Press reports.

The lusty duo were issued citations for the raunchy in-flight entertainment, and the matter ended in the FBI's lap. The woman was bound for Nashville, while the man was headed for Miami.

The FBI said charges could be issued in the case as early as Tuesday.



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