Community gathers for Thanksgiving


Community gathers for Thanksgiving

She said she made a decision to go to the community thanksgiving dinner.

Cairns thanked the volunteers who gave their time for preparing the meal.

The program will serve more than 1,300 meals this year with turkey, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll, and a piece of pie, according to Barker. "To think it's been going on that long says a lot about our community", Ackerman said.

"We've got a lot of seniors in the area and folks that have come to MB so this gives them the opportunity to be with an extended family".

It began as a tradition passed on by her mother, Kitty Osterhoudt, more than 20 years ago, and now Hilary Brewster travels home to Hudson every year to help her mother serve dinner at the Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

"It's good for the community to bring everyone together", said Gloria Nesbit of Arnold.

"We are helping people that really don't get help throughout the rest of the year".

University of Wyoming students Andrea Alzalde and McKenna Malmstrom came out to volunteer, as a way to spend Thanksgiving with members of the community.

About 315 volunteers assisted with serving the meals to the hundreds who showed up at Ag Hall.

"And that is what really matters - is that there is somebody who doesn't feel left out in the community because they don't have a place to go". "But I'm also a believer that there comes a time when you've got to step aside and let other people step up and do their thing".

Pastor Collins said, "growing up in the inner city of Chicago I understood what it was like to have holidays and not have food".

Hively also said that in recent years, numerous take-out dinners go to Hospice House and other group homes as well as other destinations.

Deb Tuckish, owner of Deb's Diner in Ashtabula Township, gathered her customers and pulled out all the stops for another free dinner on Thursday.

She said her volunteers make the event a possibility.

She said coordinating such a large event, with so many people, can be a challenge - but the challenge is worth it.

"We're together, and we're not sleeping in a vehicle no more", she said.

And that's something Ackerman said the organization is thankful for each year.

"Thanksgiving is the one holiday that everyone has in common, regardless of your faith or your religion, your spiritualness - whatever", she said.



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