Aqib Talib Talks Fight with Michael Crabtree, Potential Suspension or Fine


Aqib Talib Talks Fight with Michael Crabtree, Potential Suspension or Fine

The fight was a continuation of a dispute that started last season, when Talib ripped Crabtree's chain off during the season finale.

After the game, Chris Harris Jr. claimed Crabtree "sucker punched" him in the stomach one play before the brawl broke out.

Talib also said he did not know what Crabtree "came out to do" and that "one thing led to another".

"It's okay to defend your teammate", Joseph said on Monday, seemingly after finding out Crabtree punched Harris the play before.

Prior to their ejections, Crabtree and Talib exchanged shoves and traded some blows that precipitated into the teams' benches nearly emptying with several players going to the field in hopes of pacifying the two combating players. Sunday was the first time they have played since because Crabtree missed the Week 4 matchup in 2017 with an injury. The first half of it was him being extra.

"I'm going to go ahead and talk right away about the ugly incident early on in the game", Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio said, per

Asked whether he believed he would be fined or suspended by the league - or both - Talib said he hoped the entire incident would be considered.

"I'll say this, I'm not sure how it all started", Joseph said.

Initially, it seemed as if the fight began when Crabtree blocked Talib too long on a play, pushing him far out of bounds. It eventually turned into a full-on brawl with punches being thrown and others getting involved. "I told our guys I don't want it". "I don't want it to happen, but if it does happen, you can't blame a man for defending himself", Joseph continued. The NFL is expected to review the fight this week, and Rapoport notes that players who have been ejected from games this season do not typically face that type of harsh punishment.

"I hope the league sees how it started".



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