Angela Merkel: 'I absolutely do not favor' a new election


Angela Merkel: 'I absolutely do not favor' a new election

"The people have voted".

After disappointing results in September's general election, and a refusal from rival Social Democrats (SPD) to enter into another "grand coalition", the CDU approached the two smaller parties in order to form a majority government.

German chancellor is open to talks with Social Democrats and intends to form a new government "quickly", Politico reports.

She has to keep Bavaria's CSU on board by sticking to a tougher migrant policy that may also help win back conservatives who switched to the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Steinmeier is scheduled to meet with Merkel, SPD leader Martin Schulz and CSU leader Horst Seehofer Thursday.

If the two sides can't reach an agreement by then, "the conservatives should aim for a minority government", Paul Ziemiak, head of the CDU youth, was quoted as saying by the Bild newspaper.

Seehofer said the SPD must not set too many conditions.

Perhaps Merkel's optimism that a coalition could still be salvaged from the September election was due to a change in tune from the SPD.

The Social Democrats centred their campaign on building a more socially just Germany, pledging more investment in education and infrastructure.

The poll showed that 41% of Germans against the re-election of Angela Merkel to the post of Chancellor in case of re-election.

Under intense pressure to preserve stability and avoid new elections, the SPD reversed its position and agreed to talk to Merkel, raising the prospect of a new grand coalition, which has ruled for the past four years, or a minority government.

Mr Lindner told reporters: "It is better not to govern than to govern badly".

She said on Saturday that she would pursue a grand coalition.

Mrs Merkel told the party covered she was ready to talk to the SDP, but said the discussions should be based on mutual respect, it has been reported.

A "Jamaica" coalition would have "shattered into a thousand pieces within months", he added, given the parties' differing views on everything from migration to climate protection to eurozone reforms.



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