Alabama Basketball Plays Most Of Second Half With Three Players, Almost Wins


Alabama Basketball Plays Most Of Second Half With Three Players, Almost Wins

There isn't much a coach can do when left with just three players, but Avery Johnson's three remaining players continued to compete.

Shockingly, Alabama cut into Minnesota's lead while playing down two men, but did not have enough in the tank to complete the comeback.

NOTES: Saturday's game against No. 25 Alabama was the first of two straight against ranked teams for Minnesota.

This isn't the the Iron Bowl but Alabama and Minnesota had to be separated just now after Nate Mason was ejected for talking smack.

Both players drew technical fouls. At this moment, every player on Alabama's bench took a few steps onto the floor before catching their mistake.

The Crimson Tide is now 5-0 and will play Minnesota on Saturday at 4 p.m. The Crimson Tide lost another player shortly thereafter, as guard John Petty rolled his right ankle while landing after attempting a three-pointer.

Game over? Not for the gritty Alabama trio, who outscored Minnesota 30-22 to cut the Gophers' 17-point lead to just three points with over a minute to go. In fact, Alabama ended up playing better when they were playing 3-on-5 than when they had a whole team.

It was not a good day to be a Crimson Tide fan.

The entire Crimson Tide bench got ejected while they had one player foul out and another get hurt, so they played three-on-five basketball in the second half of an 89-84 loss to Minnesota.

Even though the Crimson Tide fell short, it was an inspired effort from Alabama, a game that will be remembered for some time, and likely a mistake that Bama's bench players will not make again any time soon.



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