4 reasons why 'Justice League' has flopped at the box office


4 reasons why 'Justice League' has flopped at the box office

While $96 million is no small sum, Justice League reportedly cost a hefty $250 million-$300 million to make, and it's meant to be a linchpin of one of Warner Bros'. signature brands. So, when it was revealed that Justice League was tracking for a $110-$120 million opening, many were sure that number would increase once all was said and done. Yes, that's right. All the past four entries from Warner Bros, had a $100 million+ weekend debut, during the time of their release. And yes, that's possible, but there are a few factors that point to a lack of longevity at the box office here. "Given the extremely lucrative Thanksgiving week, we have a chance to hold audiences and come in at a good level". That, along with an A+ CinemaScore and 84% Rotten Tomatoes score resulted in a surprising second place finish with $27 million.

Also, if this film was supposed to rival Marvel's "Avengers", it's way behind.

As expected, Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok made way for the newer superhero movie, dropping 62% to third place with approx.

Dergarabedian noted that the movie will gross $285 million worldwide this weekend and that initial reception among audiences is positive. "In the wake of the much-needed home run that was "Wonder Woman, ' the momentum was with the brand and great expectations placed on the very broad shoulders of 'Justice League" to keep that train moving". Gal Gadot is fantastic as one of the founders of the team as Wonder Woman and the scene involving her lasso and Aquaman is the very best.

One would have to assume that it would be unlikely for Warner Bros.to release Snyder's original cut (especially if he felt himself that it wasn't up to scratch), but if the petition does get enough support, perhaps we'll see an (Original) Director's Cut one day?

The film stars Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as the Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, and Henry Cavill as Superman, with Ciarán Hinds voicing the villain Steppenwolf.

With Justice League Snyder has addressed those shortcomings to produce a thrilling and entertaining showing of these DC superheroes with a good blend of action and humour.

The fifth installment of the DC Extended Universe marks the franchise's first sub-$100-million domestic debut, trailing Wonder Woman ($103.3 million), Suicide Squad ($133.7 million), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 million), and Man of Steel ($116.6 million).

It is a term mostly used to describe a style that doesn't take itself too seriously and leans into the escapist side of the superhero genre.

The musical score for the movie was solid and although some of the scores could have been better overall it worked for the movie but didn't meet the level set by previous films in the genre.



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