WWE Announces Summer Rae & Darren Young Have Been Released


WWE Announces Summer Rae & Darren Young Have Been Released

WWE announced today that Emma, Summer Rae, and Darren Young have been released from their contracts.

Since stepping-up to the main roster for the second time previous year she has failed to get much of the spotlight.

Shortly after announcing Emma's release, the WWE sent out a second press release on Sunday afternoon disclosing the releases of Young and Summer Rae.

They released a statement on Sunday afternoon to reveal the surprising news.

Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, has been troubled from the start of her WWE career. She then demanded a rematch and lost the following night to Asuka on Raw.

There have been rumors lately about some WWE superstars being unhappy, notably Neville and Nia Jax, as their recent absences have been well-noticed.

Summer Rae, 33, has been with WWE since 2011 but made her debut as Fandango's dancing partner. Hollywood seems to be atop her to-do list now that she's free from her WWE obligations.

There hasn't been much word on what led to her release, Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin reported. After the team ran its course, WWE paired Young with legendary wrestler Bob Backlund in a gimmick that wanted to "Make Darren Young Great Again". She was ordered by the court ordered to perform one day of community service and an online course, after which the charge was dismissed.

That same year she got involved with Rusev on TV and formed an on-screen relationship. She showed up as a "shadow" in an episode of Breezango's Fashion Files, but never returned to WWE television to compete after being cleared from a neck injury.



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