Why Bob McNair could be showing his true colors


Why Bob McNair could be showing his true colors

Vincent reportedly accepted the apology, and McNair also released a statement saying he regretted using that expression.

Some Texans players considered staging a walkout Friday in response to McNair's comment, a source told ESPN.

Players, who now get a fairly equal share of the revenue but none of the equity, should be far more upset about that you-work-for-us attitude than about the specific words McNair chose to convey it. He was offended by McNair's characterization of the players as "inmates".

NFL owners met on October 18 and one of the topics on the agenda was whether the league should step in with some kind of mandate involving decorum during the national anthem.

And the league's players have not taken kindly to his words with stars such as Richard Sherman, Damon Harrison and Texans' very own Treston Decoud among a number of players who have expressed their disbelief in the remark.

According to ESPN, McNair later pulled Vincent aside and apologized - explaining his words weren't meant to be taken literally. According to the report, McNair and Jones say they have been "fielding an avalanche of complaints from outraged fans" in Texas over the protests.

Kaepernick is expected to be invited to the next meeting between owners and players.

DeAndre Hopkins (left) reportedly skipped Friday's practice in protest of McNair's comment.

National Football League executive Troy Vincent told McNair that he was offended by the comparison of players to "inmates", saying that in all of his years playing the National Football League - even facing horrific name calling, which included the n-word, he had never felt like an "inmate". Goodell recently said he would not institute a rule that players stand. Once the players stand up and the national-anthem controversy fades, the rich, mostly white men who run NFL teams will go on not giving a damn about police brutality or the rate of incarceration for black people.

Although I'd personally stand and put my hand over my heart for the national anthem, I can't abridge someone's constitutional right to free speech. With McNair funneling millions of dollars to President Donald Trump's campaign, you have to wonder if his views align with the president's which are ones that cause rifts and splits rather than unification.

That includes his own team.



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