White House fires back at top GOP senator's scorching criticism


White House fires back at top GOP senator's scorching criticism

Again, since all his other talking points on North Korea have been about how ready the U.S. is for war with them, it's a concerning direction he's pointing in. All that's going on right now and you want to bash Melania Trump for her sunglasses??

Lendman argued that during his election campaign, Trump had promised to improve relations with Russian Federation and ease tensions with North Korea, and even have a sit down with the North Korean leader. Trump said gesturing to the commanders surrounding him as he made looping motions with his right index finger.

"We see a problem with any stories that are inaccurate or untruthful being presented to the American people as facts", she said.

A Russian lawmaker on Friday was quoted saying North Korea was preparing to test a long-range missile that it believes can reach the west coast of the United States. "I think that you have a lot of responsibility and a lot of times false narratives create a bad environment-certainly aren't helpful to the American people-and you have a responsibility to provide and report fair and accurate details".

The comments caused worry amid tensions with North Korea and following a hastily called news conference on Wednesday at which Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denied he was planning to resign. Former presidents, many celebrities, and non-profit organizations have been raising money for PR, and you can help too by donating to the Hispanic Federation, or finding local charities or drives in your area.

Sanders quickly clarified: "I'm just using that as an example".

Reporters tried one final time to get a definitive answer and asked what the "storm" was.

"He, unprompted, dangled these hints", the reporter said.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had an incredible team around him and has achieved tremendous accomplishments on the worldwide stage by working with allies and confronting enemies.

When another reporter asked Sanders if reporters were properly interpreting her interpretation of what the president said, she replied: "I haven't been specific about anything". "I think we have some serious world issues here".

"I still have a feeling she looks at this and says, 'Am I really in this position?'" said Myra Gutin, a professor at Rider University who writes about first ladies.



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