White House fails to explain Trump's 'calm before the storm' comment


White House fails to explain Trump's 'calm before the storm' comment

When she asked about the significance of the word "nasty" on the shirt, the mayor simply replied that it was a reference to the President Trump referring to her as a "nasty mayor".

"This is a White House press conference, not an opportunity for you to ask your own questions", Huckabee Sanders scolded those reporters before telegraphing some suggestions for preliminary agenda items for the nation's big talk about gun control. "And that's all that today was about".

Corker told reporters on Capitol Hill on Wednesday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis and White House chief of staff John Kelly were helping the Trump administration to maintain some order amid increasing chaos. Mayor Cruz has been a very vocal opponent of Trump ever since the federal government started recovery operations in Puerto Rico - so it is surprising that, when face-to-face with the President, she had no comments, requests or advice to impart.

"We're never going to say in advance what the president's going to do", Sanders said, adding: "You'll have to wait and see".

"It could be, The calm, the calm before the storm", Trump said.

"You'll find out", Trump said when asked to clarify. "And we're not going to announce what actions we'll be taking until that moment comes".

Sarah, why did the president tweet this morning that he'd like to see the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate news outlets - In, I guess, this quest to go after fake news, does he value the First Amendment as much he values the Second Amendment?

Sanders indicated Trump and the administration do not.

Sanders cited statistics showing that only five percent of the media's coverage was positive about the president, despite good news in the stock market, job numbers, cutting regulations and the war against ISIS.

Trump will decertify the Iran nuclear pact next week, declaring it is not in the national interest, but let Congress decide whether to actually walk away from it.



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