Valve begins to sell Digital Gift Cards


Lastly, you can't use funds from your own Steam Wallet to pay for Digital Gift Cards - not exactly shocking, but still a bit mean. The new gift card system, the company explains, does away with this requirement - though physical cards will still be available - by allowing users to send Steam Wallet balances directly to any Steam user who has been on their friends list for at least three days.

With the holidays approaching at a rapid clip, Valve Corporation's digital game store Steam unveiled new digital gift cards in addition to those available at retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy.

The launch does come with a couple of restrictions, however. The gift card even converts into your friend's currency if they live in a different country too. If the user accepts the gift, it's added to their Steam library.

The gift cards page is a bit hidden.

Of course, with the Steam Halloween Sale, Black Friday Sale and Winter Sale on the way, it's entirely possible that it's you reading this that needs the gift voucher.

Review the purchase and select a payment method. The recipients need to accept the gift to use the amount for purchasing games, micro-transactions or items off the Steam Community Market. There's no explanation for why this is the case, but it is likely something to do with the legalities of transferring currency across state borders. Now, a user can purchase the game as a gift and give the other user the option to accept or decline the game. You can choose from $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.



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