US Policy on North Korea isn't working


This statement came hours after President Donald Trump commented that in order to deal with this isolated country "Only One Thing Will Work". A Blue House source said on October 8 that Seoul continued viewing military activities relating to North Korea's missile launch as "motion amid general calmness", but added that it was "closely watching for the possibility of a provocation between the 11th anniversary of [North Korea's] first nuclear test on Oct.9 and the Workers' Party anniversary on October 10, given Pyongyang's history of provocations around major commemorative days".

Yesterday Saturday 10/07/17, Trump tweeted that the Korean leader is "making fools" of our negotiators and that over 25 years with North Korean agreement are failing and that they have and are being violated. "Sorry, but only one thing will work!" he continued.

It's no secret that #Donald Trump often makes comments that come off as reckless or offensive to many people.

In recent weeks, North Korea has launched two missiles over Japan and conducted its sixth nuclear test, all in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions, and may be fast advancing toward its goal of developing a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the USA mainland.

His tweets sound particularly ominous given his recent rhetoric on North Korea. It should have been handled during the Obama administration. "I was handed a mess - not only there - I was handed a mess in the Middle East. Just a total mess", CNN quoted President Trump as saying in an extensive interview. The US President ever since coming to power has been very vocal and bold about actions against such nations and groups. "Maybe it's the calm before the storm". He then added, "but we have many options to do so".

The tension between North Korea and the United States seems never-ending.

"I believe they're funding North Korea". This would provide North Korea with the opportunity to both celebrate an important day on its calendar and interfere with an American holiday weekend.

"Iran is a bad player and they will be taken care of as a bad player", he said, reinforcing expectations he will decertify the agreement this week, a step that could lead to its termination.



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