United Kingdom police release report on ex-premier's abuse claims


United Kingdom police release report on ex-premier's abuse claims

Paul Mills, the officer who led the investigation, said no accusations had been made against Heath while he was alive and there had been no missed opportunities by police.

Sir Edward continued to sit in the House of Commons as the Member for Old Bexley and Sidcup until his retirement in 2001 and was the Father of the House between 1992 and 2001.

Heath led a Conservative government in the United Kingdom from 1970 to 1974 and served in Parliament until 2001.

'Accordingly it is critical to stress that no inference of guilty should be drawn from the fact that Heath would have been interviewed under caution'.

The report will include detail of the scale and scope of the investigation, and a summary of its findings.

It's found that Sir Edward Heath would have been questioned over allegations of rape and indecent assault had he been alive today.

Three further claims would not have merited an interview because those who made them later told police they were "genuinely mistaken in naming" Heath as the perpetrator.

"I hope people will understand that, given these circumstances, it would be an indefensible dereliction of my public duty as a Chief Constable not to have investigated such serious allegations against a former Prime Minister, even though he is deceased".

The report found that seven separate allegations about Heath, who was PM from 1970 to 1974, were credible enough to interview him.

"It is no surprise at all that Wiltshire police should have concluded that they would have interviewed Sir Edward had he been alive".

The £1.5 million ($2 million, 1.7 million euro) probe was triggered in 2015 after Heath was named as a suspect in an investigation into so-called historical child sex abuse.

The allegations included child sexual abuse and rape and indecent assault, physical abuse and sexual abuse against an adult.

'This could be in the form of an independent review by a retired judge, with unrestricted access to all the evidence collected by the Wiltshire Police.

Friends and relatives of the former Prime Minister had maintained the "completely asexual" politician's innocence and heavily criticised the police handling of the investigation.

AN INDEPENDENT scrutiny panel has today "commended" Wiltshire Police for their involvement in Operation Conifer. It had gone "where the evidence took us".

"We would like it to be looked at by an objective mind".

Dr Hoskins said the woman had made claims under hypnosis that dredged up "false memories" and her allegations were the result of an "over-active imagination".

Wiltshire police said in a statement: "Wiltshire Police carried out an impartial and thorough investigation in line with national guidance from the College of Policing".

Heath was made Tory party leader a year later.

In January, the officer in charge of Operation Conifer, Superintendent Sean Memory, was signed off from work on long-term sick leave.

During the course of the investigation three people were arrested "in relation to offenses concerning alleged non-recent child abuse".

Since August 2015 Heath has been investigated for allegations of child sexual abuse in Hampshire, Jersey, Kent, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and London. Well, everyone knows that during his lifetime, and as a single man, Sir Edward was the subject of sexual innuendo and gossip.



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