Undocumented Teen At Center of Court Case Ends Pregnancy


Undocumented Teen At Center of Court Case Ends Pregnancy

According to court filings, Jane Doe was taken to a so-called "crisis pregnancy centre" where she was given an ultrasound and advised on alternatives to abortion.

The teen, known as "Jane Doe", said in a statement that she had come to the U.S.to make a better life for herself. The Trump administration, and its base, illustrates this handily: At the same time the Trump administration is trying to force a teenager to continue a pregnancy she doesn't want, it's reportedly gunning to deport thousands of girls and boys like Jane.

In support of the majority, Judge Patricia Millett - the third member of the original panel - wrote, "Today's decision rights a grave constitutional wrong by the government".

You may have read about Jane Doe - a pregnant 17-year-old being held in a government-funded shelter in Texas because she is an unaccompanied immigrant minor.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed "profound disappoinmtent" at the result - blaming the government for failing to appeal the ruling allowing the girl to get the abortion to the United States Supreme court.

"The government has insisted that it may categorically blockade exercise of her constitutional right unless this child (like some kind of legal Houdini) figures her own way out of detention" by returning home "to the abuse from which she fled" or by finding a sponsor, Millet said. Since September, the minor has been in federal custody in a Texas shelter operated by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Reuters news agency reports that Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. court wrote in dissent that the court has embraced "a new right for unlawful immigrant minors in us government detention to obtain immediate abortion on demand".

Lawyers for the ACLU said they would proceed with a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all undocumented minors in federal custody who may seek abortion services.

"The government may not want to facilitate abortion", Beeler wrote in her decision.

"The ruling is outrageous and sets a risky precedent", said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

But the federal Department of Health and Human Services refused to let Jane Doe leave the shelter where she is living under federal custody to get the abortion she had requested. She had secured funds to pay for the abortion.

Doe's case, Millett reasoned, was not an instance of "abortion on demand".

Lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union are representing the girl.

Henderson also criticized the panel majority for bestowing the right to an abortion on an undocumented minor with no substantial connections to the USA, saying that the decision "plows new and potentially unsafe ground".

Texas' bishops objected to the ACLU's ongoing attempts to require cooperation in abortion and noted that religious organizations, such as the Catholic Church, are involved in immigration efforts for unaccompanied minors and work with pregnant mothers. It has been very hard to wait in the shelter for news that the judges in Washington, D.C. have given me permission to proceed with my decision. The image of the woman who has an abortion is a selfish slut, who had sex for fun, got pregnant, and now refuses to "take responsibility" for her decisions. There is a fully formed, unborn baby whose life is on the line here.



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