Trump Demands Border Wall Funding For DACA Deal


Trump Demands Border Wall Funding For DACA Deal

He called for establishing a new point-based system for awarding the green cards (lawful permanent residents) based on factors that allow individuals to successfully assimilate and support themselves financially; eliminate the diversity visa lottery and limit the number of refugees to prevent the abuse of the US Refugee Admissions Programme.

"The list includes the wall, which was explicitly ruled out of the negotiations", they concluded.

Ivanka Trump on Monday called for a longterm Congressional fix to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that President Donald Trump chose to end in September.

The document was presented to members of Congress on Sunday night, and according to Reuters - who had access to the document containing the president's list of requirements - the "principles" for immigration proposed by Trump were "unsatisfactory for the Democrats".

They accused Mr Trump of backtracking on a commitment not to include the border wall in negotiations over the status of young immigrants, who are mostly from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Around 690,000 immigrants are enrolled in the DACA program.

But Democratic leaders nearly immediately denounced the demands.

President Trump ended the initiative last month but gave Congress six months to write it into law.

Trump wants the ideas included in any immigration deal, as Congress mulls the future of almost 800,000 young people known as Dreamers brought illegally to the children.

"I do believe the President when he says he wants to protect the dreamers. This proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise", Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Sen. What's fair for the illegal immigrant?' This president is asking, what's for America?

A three-pronged proposal lists initiatives under three broad categories - border security, interior enforcement and merit-based immigration series.

Ronald Vitiello, U.S. Customs and Border Protection's acting deputy commissioner, said the asylum system has served as a magnet for illegal immigration, contains too many loopholes and is in desperate need of reform.

After an enormous outcry, Trump undermined his AG, as he is wont to do, and met with Democratic leaders to discuss a possible deal to protect the "Dreamers".

Hundreds of thousands of younger undocumented immigrants had already started seeing a glimmer of hope regarding their legal stay in the U.S. However, that might be short-lived considering that the Trump administration has unveiled a list of hard-line immigration principles which might end up derailing the deal.

The president has previously insisted the wall will go ahead and that he wants "massive border security" in exchange for a deal on DACA protections.



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