Teen model dies after collapsing during fashion show


Teen model dies after collapsing during fashion show

Over the weekend a model Vlada Dzyuba collapsed and later died from "utter exhaustion" following a 13-hour fashion show.

The Chinese publication reports the model died of "multiple organ dysfunction syndrome", citing medical records, but it is understood tests are still being conducted.

"Modeling work is not manual labor after all, just shows and photo shoots and making poses, and there are breaks", he said.

Moscow is to demand explanations over the conditions in which Miss Dzyuba was kept in Shanghai, after she was recruited on a contract which involved her missing school in her home city Perm, in the Urals.

"She was a very excitable girl, she liked to eat, she liked to eat chips, like a teenager is supposed to do", Ms Fang told reporters on Monday. And then her temperature shot up. However, officially Dzyuba had has to work for only three hours a week.

"Russian embassy staff and the local police arrived at the hospital and inquired about the case", said Zheng.

"She was calling me, saying, "Mama, I am so exhausted".

She had been prominent at this month's prestigious Shanghai Fashion Week.

Oksana was unable to obtain a visa to see Vlada before she passed away, according to The Daily Mail. It is unclear what role he played in seeking medical care for the model when she needed it. She died two days later.

But Zaitseva has also admitted to being unaware of the terms of Vlada's contract or whether her medical insurance was genuine, despite being in charge of the trip.

"Leaving aside any blame, her tragic story is likely to hold lessons for those - anywhere - who deploy teenage girls as models, often enticing them with starry-eyed hopes of fame and fortune in the future, a goal reached by only a handful", the Siberian Times concludes.

The report in the Siberian Times said that her mother Oksana had told the NTV television station: "She was calling me, saying "Mama, I am so exhausted".

The 14-year-old spent two days in a coma before she tragically succumbed to her illness.

The human rights ombudsman in Perm is investigating Dzyuba's death.

A man believed to be her manager who negotiated her Chinese contract has declined to comment on her death.



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