Study Found That Formula in Baby Food Tested Positive For Arsenic,…


Study Found That Formula in Baby Food Tested Positive For Arsenic,…

Popular brands like Healthy Times, Organix, Gerber, Earth's Best and Parent's Choice made the list of the five worst offenders.

Clean Label Project opined that what was not on the label was sometimes what was most important.

The study included over 500 baby food products and concluded that 65 percent of the products had detectable levels of arsenic within them.

Lead, also found in food tested by the Clean Label Project, has been found in baby food before. But a deeper look into the research put forth by this study proves it may be more sensational than informative.

Identifying the top and bottom five cereals, formulas, snacks, drinks and jar meals in terms of risky chemical contents Clean Label Project concluded their findings in the research.

The chemicals found in the baby food products and infant formulas can pose risk to babies' brain development and their body parts.

The common chemicals which were present were arsenic, cadmium, lead, and acrylamide.

Bowen said that she is expecting parents to become good counsellor in taking care of children's health and refine the baby's food business.

Dr. Ayoob, who also specializes in child nutrition in his own clinic, also shared his skepticism of the recent study, claiming that the organization's refusal to add context to their numbers "borders on irresponsible". A report published in June that analyzed 11 years of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) data found lead in 20% of baby food samples - higher than other types of food. And again, without seeing specific data, it's impossible to say how much of each chemical was found in the products. The problem, according to Dr. Lowry, is that we also get exposed to these contaminates from our water, our air, and other things in our environment so many of them are impossible to remove from your daily life entirely. Even 60% of the "BPA free" products were contaminated with bisphenol A, another harmful industrial chemical. It's great if the study spurs a conversation about chemicals in our food supply, but there's no reason to stop buying baby food or formula entirely.



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