Pakistan will not accept dictation from United States, says Asif


Pakistan will not accept dictation from United States, says Asif

"He must be very exhausted, but the good part was that his last stop is a country that is a close friend", said Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swarah.

In the afternoon, he will address the media and later in the day, he will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence. We also consulted Saudi Arabia on the new U.S. policy.

"Despite the USA being present in Afghanistan for the past 16 years, their secretary of state could not go out of their airbase in Afghanistan and had to meet the Afghan president inside it", Asif observed. "All of the countries favoured Pakistan's stance as they too had their reservations on the policy", the foreign minister said. Tillerson gave this statement in Kabul, where he met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah and national security advisor Hanif Atmar.

He said Pakistan would see further success if the Parliament, the National Security Committee and the people of the country send a united message as they had after August 21 when US President Donald Trump announced his South Asia policy and lambasted Pakistan for offering safe havens to "agents of chaos". [All these] countries also had reservations about the new U.S. policy.

Asif said Pakistan also pointed out that there were some other regional countries whose role was absolutely indispensable in resolving the Afghanistan problem, namely Iran, China, Russia and Turkey.

"Having said that there is a willingness on both sides to bridge this [trust] deficit".

The two sides reportedly exchanged lists of terrorists they want apprehended or eliminated, and they are seeking help in pursuing them. He reiterated his earlier statement that USA could not succeed in Afghanistan without Pakistan's help.

The minister said they have been informed that Talibans were being playing the role of facilitators to some countries and the arrest of Indian spy Kalbushan Yadev was a clear example. He said that the US Secretary also extended cooperation for reducing tension on the Eastern border so that Pakistan could focus fully on its Western border. That unmanned area is used for planning and execution of terrorist activities, he added.

He also claimed that the Afghan Taliban and the militant Islamic State (IS) group are fighting among themselves in Afghanistan. "The current government will not accept any dictation from the USA", he maintained.

He said that Pakistan has unmatched experience in the war against terror and we have made our country safe and secure after great sacrifices by our security forces and people of the country.The minister said this was trust of the US government on Pakistan's security situation that the US Secretary was given a normal security that was required.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, which broke the story, Tillerson's discussions on the BRI centred around India and the USA "joining hands in providing a rule-based and transparent funding alternative" among countries that had signed up to the Chinese BRI.

Asif said that United States has also been told that Afghan ruling elite does not want to end the so-called war against terrorism as they have vested interest and they are making billions of dollars through drug trade. USA had accepted some Taliban as a political entity, he said and added that United States was not ready to engage Haqqani network till they give up violence.



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