NYPD cops charged with raping 18-year-old suspended without pay


NYPD cops charged with raping 18-year-old suspended without pay

TWO New York cops have been indicted on first-degree rape charges for allegedly having sex with a handcuffed 18-year-old woman inside their police van in Brooklyn, The New York Post has reported.

Officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall turned themselves in for arraignment on Monday, the source confirms. The alleged incident happened September 15 after Martins and Hall arrested the 18 year old for possession of marijuana and also having an anti-anxiety drug. The two were arraigned Monday morning on a 50-count indictment.

"The problem is, which is it?"

Defense attorney for Martins, Mark Bederow said the case is going to be "vigorously contested", and he intends to undermine the credibility of the victim. "Pick one, you can't have both". The legal team of the officers are now allegedly trying to demonstrate the victim's complicity with the acts by pointing to her posts on the internet in what Jezebel derisively described as "the "it's not rape because she's not acting like a ideal victim" defense".

Det. Martins told the teen that he and his partner were "freaks" and tried to negotiate sex in exchange for letting her off without a misdemeanor drug charge, prosecutors said.

If convicted they face 25 years in jail.

As the detectives - both in plainclothes - approached the vehicle, one of them shined his flashlight through the window and saw the young woman adjusting her bra. Martins allegedly then forced the handcuffed teen to perform a sex act on him while he was in the back of the van while Hall drove, reportedly watching through the rear view mirror.

Judge Danny Chun set bail at $250,000 for Martins and $150,000, and both posted bail within minutes, before silently leaving the court and getting into a silver SUV. "They took a oath to protect and serve, but allegedly violated that oath by raping a young woman who was in their custody", acting-DA Eric Gonzalez said. Martins was then behind the wheel and Hall in the back seat, where he allegedly forced the woman to perform a sex act on him. Detective Martins then allegedly raped the woman. The letter, obtained by the Post, also mentioned that the accuser - who goes by the name "Anna Chambers" online - has "rebranded herself as a wannabe rapper named 'Fi5ty Milli, ' an obvious reference to her lawsuit".

Following the news of the indictment, Chambers posted on Twitter to thank the people who have supported her. So it doesn't matter what this teenager says on social media. Hall's attorney, John Arlia, asked how the cops could be charged with "a vicious act" and also "taking sexual favors". Both officers were ordered to return to court on January 18, 2018.



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