Nintendo Bans Live Streams from their Creator Program


Nintendo Bans Live Streams from their Creator Program

Nintendo has announced new policy that restricts livestreaming of its games on YouTube.

A screenshot of an email began circulating in the NeoGAF forums late Thursday evening. Before the program's introduction in 2015, any ad revenue for videos with copyrighted Nintendo content went directly to Nintendo.

A copy of the email recently surfaced on the NeoGAF forums; it advises users that the User Guide was updated to change the ways that revenue is generated for YouTube livestreamed broadcasts.

Nintendo is a major gaming platform, with competitive games, such as Splatoon and Arms, and by taking away what might be a channel's only source of views, you could be impacting their livelihood by also causing them to lose out on YouTube Partnership as well. As such, if you've registered under the Nintendo Creators Program you can not livestream any gameplay from a Nintendo game. The discovery of this new change wasn't immediately communicated to creators.

So with that statement in mind, it would seem that Nintendo has decided that live streaming isn't such a good idea anymore.

"If you plan to broadcast content on YouTube Live, you have a couple of options". Or, you can cancel your channel's registration to the Nintendo Creators Program. The company's second solution is that creators interested in streaming from their main channel withdraw their account from the program and instead submit videos to it on an individual basis.

Video creators could set up a separate YouTube channel that's registered to the program and let it be a dedicated place for live streaming Nintendo games. Meaning that this way, Nintendo will get all of the revenue the video makes.

YouTube has made it clear that while the channel must be part of the partnership program, videos do not necessarily have to be monetised.

Nintendo has not provided any additional information on why it changed its rules on live streaming its games on YouTube.



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