Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live


Nest camera integration with Google Assistant is already live

Google Home owners have always been able to control Spotify from their speakers, but that's not the only place that Google Assistant calls home. Now Google has made the option live, and users can select between Voice I and Voice II now.

Google Assistant can be used to launch the apps, ask various questions and carry useful tasks.

Google has declared that Spotify voice commands will be completely supported on Google Assistant inside the coming weeks.

Broadcast is a new feature that allows one Google Home device to broadcast a message to the other devices in the home.

Another thing that Google introduced to Google Home was voice recognition. However, owners of the regular Google Home should be happy to know that their home device is about to get more feature rich than ever, thanks to a series of updates announced at Google's event today.

Apart from improvements in recognising user voice inputs, the Google Assistant also received a major upgrade to how it generates its own speech as well. The tech eschews unintuitive, unconvincing, and cumbersome reliance on word libraries to generate speech and instead employs machine learning to do the same. For now, Google Chrome OS is compatible with Android apps and is already available on the Pixel phones.

You can Pre-order the Google home mini from here! The ability to translate 40 languages in conjunction with the Pixel Bud earphones and the new Pixel smartphone is another noteworthy addition.

Ever since the original Google Home launched, Google has marketed the device as the flawless home companion - a device that can help the whole family with searches, schedules, recipes, alarm clocks, music playback, et cetera. This is further bolstered with add on Google accounts for kids under 13 years of age, along with 50 different activities and experiences tailored specifically for children.



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