Mumbai railway station stampede kills 22 amid heavy rain


Mumbai railway station stampede kills 22 amid heavy rain

In one of the worst tragedies on the Mumbai suburban network, 22 persons were killed and another 32 were hurt in a massive stampede on the overbridge between Elphinstone Road and Parel railway stations. "Parallel work across India", Mr. Goyal wrote.

The meeting was held in Churchgate, which is where the headquarters of the Western Railway is situated.

Commuters also often complain about hawkers selling their wares on the narrow overpass, which connects two commuter railway stations, Elphinstone and Parel.

In response, Prabhu said that the extension of the foot over bridge by 100 metres on the north side was under consideration.

The then, Railways Minister of State Rajen Gohain assured Sachin that the provision for five new FOBs, one each at Bhayandar, Elphinstone Road, Kandiwali, Khar Road and Virar railway stations on Western Railway had been sanctioned.

However, the railways clarified that the tenders were not uploaded in response to the stampede that occurred on Friday.

The Ministry clarified that there was no structural damage to the foot overbridge due to the stampede. "If things don't get better, we will see to it", he further added. People were crowding under the bridge's canopy in heavy rain, and falling concrete apparently made people surge forward in fear the bridge would collapse.

Another eyewitness, Sambhajit Verma, who was stuck in the middle of the FOB at Elphinstone said, "I was being squeezed by the crowd from both sides". He added, "Normally, it takes 20 days to come out with the report (of any incident), but for the auditing objective of all the FOBs, we need to send technical experts and I guess that within 20 days we will have the audit reports of all the FOBs of the suburban trains". "This led to a blockade from both sides and increased suffocation on the bridge", he said.

The FOB is crowded in the morning and evening peak hours. Unless and until people from outside don't stop coming to Mumbai, nothing is going to change. The only staircase which people use to exit and enter the station.



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