Mother sentenced after refusing to vaccinate son


Mother sentenced after refusing to vaccinate son

A MI judge sentenced Rebecca Bredow to seven days in jail after she violated a court order to have her 9-year-old son vaccinated.

An Oakland County judge ordered Rebecca Bredow to take her son for vaccination about a year ago but she ignored the court order and did not have her son vaccinate.

The judge told Bedrow that she appeared in court on November 30 and agreed to get her son vaccinated.

Bredow said it was "against her beliefs" to vaccinate her children.

In response, Judge McDonald reminded Bredow that she agreed to the immunizations. She was found Wednesday in contempt of court for refusing to do so.

"So, I'm sentencing you to seven days in jail".

Bredow expected to go to prison, she had told The Washington Post.

“Its clear to me that you dont care about orders even if you agree to them, which you did, ” the judge said. "I would rather go to jail for standing up for what I believe in than vaccinating my child".

“I understand you love your children.

"You agreed in a consent order to vaccinate your child", McDonald told Bredow in the sentencing hearing, widely covered by national and global media. Bredow's attorney is at left. "So I am sentencing you to seven days in jail". Dorfman told the Free Press.

On Wednesday, Bredow reportedly said that she and Horne had shared similar beliefs on vaccines and claimed he changed his mind to gain leverage in a drawn-out custody battle.

According to representatives of nonprofit organization "Information center of the national vaccination" by Barbara Fisher, this is not the first case in this country, when parents were arrested for refusing to vaccinate children.

Bredow accused her ex-husband of being a pornography addict, saying he's repeatedly exposed her son to explicit material. They divorced shortly after their son was born in 2008. While the MI parents are allowed legally to delay or skip the vaccinations of their children with respect to their personal beliefs.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story listed the wrong age for the child.



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