Microsoft may be working on a foldable Surface


Microsoft is working on a foldable device with an emphasis on pen and digital-ink functionality that runs Windows 10, and it could be here as soon as next year.

Microsoft has been building out its hardware division with its Surface line of computers for some time. I imagine CShell plays an important roll in the foldable aspect of this device. And Microsoft's back-end business-intelligence services could bring real-time analytics right to users' foldable devices - just like in those futuristic Microsoft envisioning videos. It is possible that this device will feature two separate screens connected by a hinge or if the display itself will be flexible. People are loving Surface devices from Microsoft as they replace the giant size and weight of the actual laptops and computers. As of now, not much is known regarding the hardware of the foldable tablet. I'm not sure I can go back to a device where a pen is the primary input method, no matter how portable it is - and regardless of all the studies showing handwriting notes helps people remember them far better than typing. There would be virtual pages available that will offer the realistic reading experience of your notes or other notes that you receive.

It is likely that Andromeda will run on ARM, meaning it'll ship with the latest Snapdragon processor that's current at the time of its release. If Microsoft is indeed working on the said device, it is most likely to be an iPhone or Android competitor. Well, Microsoft is doing the same thing with this new ultra unique product which would feature multiple displays and touchscreens.

Tech enthusiasts have started to speculate about the nature of Microsoft's first-ever foldable Surface device.

While there are many rumors attached to the Surface Phone, one that has persisted for months is the one claiming that it will be a foldable device.

Microsoft is working on a new Surface device that could deliver a foldable design, according to a new report. If this is the reality, then we could expect this new foldable tablet from Microsoft to hit the real digital world in the next year.



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