McDonalds To Bring Back Szechuan Sauce After Uproar Over Short Supply


McDonalds To Bring Back Szechuan Sauce After Uproar Over Short Supply

Outrage from fans of the sauce spread across social media over the weekend after they were turned away because the sauce was sold out. The restaurant chain tweeted out an apology calling the situation "not cool", along with news that the dipping sauce will be back this winter.

That way there'll be plenty left for dumb, lazy food news writers the next time McDonald's brings their Rick and Morty nostalgia food back in teeny tiny quantities.

McDonald's promised popular TV show "Rick and Morty" fans a limited-edition McNugget Szechuan dipping sauce, but soon ran out.

The frenzy and despair has been heard, and McDonalds says it will bring back more Szechuan sauce. The promotion is aimed at attracting fans of the animated show "Rick and Morty", which recently made the sauce famous with younger generations.

Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the growing hype for the sauce, MacDonald's announced that it was bringing the sauce back. Simply because the famous chain of fast food had given sale, the time of day as the tells France info, this famous sauce "Szechuan" and this, for the first time since 1998. And after all of that, McDonald's gave into customer demand-even rude and disgusting customer demand-to make them happy.

The US craze over Szechuan sauce - which Chinese netizens from the actual Sichuan province have said tastes nothing like local Sichuan sauce - can be likened to Singapore's fervour for McDonald's curry sauce.

The sauce, tenders, and posters were only stocked at select locations, with limited supply. Between the costumes, the memes and the cross-state travel, you, the fans, showed us what you got.

In a statement Sunday night, McDonald's acknowledged that its, "super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet that demand". "We agree. So we're gonna make this right".

Videos began popping up on Twitter late Saturday afternoon and evening of crowds chanting at McDonald's employees to hand over the sauce.

"In the last 24 hours, we've worked to open any portal necessary", the company said.



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