Let's talk about Angelina Jolie's proposed honeypot scheme


Documents published by the website Mediapart, and repeated by People, reveal that the actor had proposed to serve as bait to help the worldwide criminal Court (ICC) to capture Joseph Kony, a warlord in uganda, sought after by this same court for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Britain's Sunday Times has seen a cache of leaked emails that include correspondence between former ICC chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo, and Jolie and Clooney.

An email sent by Mr Moreno Ocampo at the time read: "Forget other celebrities, she is the one.She loves to arrest Kony".

The plot involved embedding Jolie and Pitt with a unit of U.S. Special Forces soldiers close to Kony's stronghold.

Kony gained worldwide notoriety in 2012 when a social media campaign calling for his capture gained celebrity support, including from Jolie herself. Why Jolie and Pitt withdrew from the effort to set a trap for Kony is unclear from the leaked email release. "Let's discuss logistics. Much love Xxx", Jolie reportedly wrote to Ocampo.

Jolie replied: "Brad is being super supportive". As head of the Lord's Resistance Army, Kony has a $5 million bounty on his head and is wanted by the global criminal court for crimes against humanity. 'Can Brad go with you?' The activist actress would act as bait to help take Kony into custody in the Central African Republic, where he was based.

"She loves to arrest Kony".

As The Sunday Times reported, Moreno Ocampo claimed he had been "the focus of a cyber-attack." E!

Luis Moreno Ocampo and his successor Fatou Bensouda at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, June 2012. "I miss you." It went unanswered.

Jolie's agent declined to make any comment to Metro yesterday.

I guess we'll never know if Brange could have captured Kony or not.

In the wake of the leak, Ocampo claims that he is the victim of a "targeted cyber attack", as he's now being questioned over his alleged ties to Libyan businessman Hassan Tatanaki, who worked alongside former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

The Sunday Times of London said Luis Moreno Ocampo also tried to recruit film stars George Clooney and Sean Penn in his global crusades.



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