Las Vegas Shooter Booked Lollapalooza Hotel Rooms Where Malia Obama Attended


Las Vegas Shooter Booked Lollapalooza Hotel Rooms Where Malia Obama Attended

489 more were injured.

Authorities have yet to say what ultimately motivated Paddock, except to say the multimillionaire accountant and gambler lived a secretive double life.

That said, authorities indicated the scouting of large size venues housing captive large audiences suggested Paddock's intent to kill, as opposed to his particular disdain for any particular sect or class of individual. They also said they still have no motive for the attack.

Paddock's girlfriend, who was out of the country at the time of Sunday's shooting, said she had no idea he was planning an attack.

Tuesday night: Danley arrives back in the USA from the Philippines. One high roller told Weinreich that she thought Paddock was creepy.

Now, USA Today reports that Paddock booked hotel rooms overlooking Lollapalooza 2017.

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said he was surprised Paddock had provided so few clues, and that it has made their probe extremely challenging.

The Blackstone Hotel overlooked Lollapalooza's main stage as well as its other stages.

Sources told TMZ that Stephen Paddock had requested two "view [rooms], which only face Grant Park". "And the hotel had a bird's-eye view of the crowd".

But he ultimately chose to mount an attack from the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino across the street from the Route 91 Harvest country music festival held last weekend. An estimated 400,000 people, including former First Daughter Malia Obama, attended the four-day music festival in August.

A spokeswoman for the Blackstone Hotel, Emmy Carragher, says a person with the name Stephen Paddock reserved a room but never checked in.

U.S. media, citing multiple anonymous law enforcement sources, reported that searches of the Las Vegas gunman's communications and electronic equipment found that he had scouted locations in both Chicago and Boston.

In addition to TMZ's report, the Las Vegas Review-Journal also wrote on another possible attack.

Although Paddock killed himself as a SWAT team closed in, Lombardo said it appeared he had planned to survive and had an escape plan.

The concert ran from September 22 to the 24. Chance the Rapper was one of the featured acts on the program.

Paddock was known to stare at other people. Once he found out that the hotel was completely sold out, Paddock instead rented three rooms at The Ogden.

"Was he doing pre-surveillance?"

"We don't know yet".

A complete picture of his finances is still being assembled by investigators who are trying to fathom what drove an apparently wealthy retiree to haul 23 guns up to a hotel suite before commencing one of the deadliest shootings in USA history.

CBS News' justice and homeland security corespondent Jeff Pegues said the man bought a significant amount of guns in 2016, but the purchases flew under the radar because he had no criminal history and he wasn't buying things that raised a red flag.



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