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The iPad Pro would however be the first to adopt this technology next year, and a launch during March is expected.

Looks like the TrueDepth camera module on the Apple iPhone X is going to be expanded to other product categories as well.

Face ID is now exclusive to the iPhone X, but a new report from noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that this may not be the case next year.

Face ID is Apple's facial recognition feature, the one that sparked a storm of concern on and immediately after the big iPhone X reveal.

However, the iPhone X isn't out yet and Apple hasn't yet received feedback from users on the new security feature.

Even though the facial recognition technology still hasn't reached the mass consumers, it's not surprising to see that reports and rumors related to it are already making their way online since this is Apple we're talking about, after all.

Apple's iPhone 8 Plus sports a 2,691 mAh battery that provides the most impressive battery life we've ever seen in a flagship smartphone. Still when it comes for the iPhone purchase there are many factors gets involve: - affordability -storage size need- or because of the increasing reliance on the cloud with features like iCloud or Apple Music streaming. These features not only enhance the appeal of the iPhone X, they also offer a glimpse into what future iPhones may look like. The design of the current models would probably have enough room to house both the TrueDepth camera system and Home button with Touch ID sensor. Further, he said that expanding Face ID to the iPad will increase adoption of it among developers.

Problems with the new model phones past year and had another manufacturer Samsung.

As for the Galaxy S8's lower rank, "This is likely because Samsung began selling the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models in April, a month later than last year's launch of the S7 series", said Jusy Hong, Associate Director, mobile devices for IHS Markit.

RBC estimates that the plan, which includes a corporate tax rate cut to 20% from 35% and a lower repatriation tax on foreign profits, could provide Apple with a "tailwind" to earnings per share of $4 to $4.50 in its fiscal 2018, which started October 1.



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