Here's what to expect from Blade Runner 2049


Here's what to expect from Blade Runner 2049

Fans saw a sneak peek of the new exclusive bottle at Alcon Entertainment's Blade Runner 2049 Experience at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year.

Like with its predecessor, Blade Runner 2049 is deliberately paced from start to satisfying conclusion and has a peppering of action sequences where necessary, and is packed full of intrigue and will keep you guessing until the end. "It's a piece of art that's at flawless equilibrium, aesthetically and musically". "Tell the world there's no wall", says K's boss, played by Robin Wright, "you bought a war".

It's one of the most buzzed about movies of the year, yet the plot line is top secret.

Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi neo-noir original extracted the frightful premise of Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" - the horror of not knowing if you're real or not - and overlaid it across an eerie and mesmerizing sci-fi void. If "Blade Runner" was the nightmare of being soulless, "2049" is the dream of being real, with a leather jacket-clad Pinocchio in a flying auto.

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling are one giggly pair. It's surprising when watching the film to notice just how much of it was shot on actual sets, something director Villeneuve adamantly requested before production. "Blade Runner 2049" has a similarly appealingly murky vibe, but it is a bit more complex than "Arrival". When she admitted that she'd never actually seen the film, all three of them burst out laughing and basically never stopped. Less impressive is Niander Wallace, the new villain played by Jared Leto, who appears exclusively to give big, scenery-chewing bad guy speeches (though his right-hand woman, played by relative newcomer Sylvia Hoeks, makes a stronger impression).

Harrison Ford has a reputation on screen-especially in his older years-for being rather grumpy.

"Show me the money", Ford joked back. Do you view this as a sequel?

One of the most fun and/or heartbreaking aspects of the new film is K's relationship with Joi (Ana de Armas), a woman who exists purely as a hologram - and yet so much more.

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