Here's How You Should Assemble Your Hamburger, Emoji Be Damned


Here's How You Should Assemble Your Hamburger, Emoji Be Damned

"If folks can agree on the correct way to do this", he says Google will "drop everything" and retire their cheese-on-bottom monstrosity.

Things got so heated that on Saturday morning Google CEO Sundar Pichai jumped in with a peace offering.

Should the cheese in a cheeseburger emoji be at the bottom of the burger or the top?

"A cheeseburger emoji, otherwise known as a burger".

Google's is the only cheeseburger emoji to place the yellow slice of American underneath the patty.

He later said how his tweet, after Pichai's retweet and reply, had attracted 4.3 million impressions and had been interacted with over 1.2 million times in 48 hours. Between the two buns, the company's graphic designer chose to add, from top to bottom, lettuce and tomato, then patty, then the cheese.

Baekdal Media founder Thomas Baekdal fired the first shots on October 28 when he tweeted out a picture comparing Apple's hamburger emoji to Google's.

The difference in both emojis is the placing of the layer of cheese which induced an extensive debate between cheeseburgers lovers.

But he's also got the world's most important internet company to run, so he'd prefer to crowdsource the proper ingredient order.

Companies like Google and Apple comes up with their own interpretation of the symbols approved by the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit that sets the global standard for emoji and other software.

Google's match up with Apple is a classic in the tech industry and this was no different.

Thankfully, at the very highest levels, Google has resolved to fix this outrageous injustice at the earliest convenience.



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