Google's Home Max brings premium audio to its Assistant speaker


The fabric seen on the front of the device was described as being "acoustically transparent" and feels extremely soft, seemingly being identical to the material covering the Google Home Mini.

If the Dot is the Home MIni's biggest rival, then Google has Amazon beat on sound quality.

You can use it as an intercom of sorts using the new broadcast feature; by placing the Home Mini in various places throughout your house, you can use it to broadcast a message to all Home devices in your house.

The hockey puck-like Google Home Mini comes in three colours: chalk, charcoal and coral.

It is created to be used on its side, but thanks to some helpful magnets it can be stood up too.

The speaker boasts dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers and 0.7-inch tweeters. The microphones are pretty impressive as well as Google claims them to be far field microphones that can capture your commands even while music is playing.

Alphabet, supported by its subsidiaries Google and Nest, is creating a network of hardware devices that link preferences in temperature, search and music in the home. What sets it apart from Google Home, apart from a smaller size, is how it eschews music grade speakers in favour of portability and Google Assistant specific roles catered to a more personal setting, such as having on placed near the bedside where it can function as an alarm for example.

With its focus on high-end audio, volume, and music, the Max feels like a direct competitor to Apple's upcoming HomePod speaker. Users will able to stream via Bluetooth and connect a device via a 3.5mm jack.

Google now has not one but two new entrants to its smart home speaker family. However, this feature (like many others) was limited to the United States. The new AI software automatically adjusts the sound-levels depending on the environment.

Thanks to the Google Assistant you'll also be able to ask the name of songs, just by humming the tune. The standard Google Home speaker costs nearly $130. It will go on sale for $399 in December. It's bundled with a 1-year subscription to YouTube Red, too.

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