Gal Gadot Delights Israeli Fans With Hebrew Message on SNL Debut


Gal Gadot Delights Israeli Fans With Hebrew Message on SNL Debut

Ahead of hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, Gal Gadot visited Jimmy Fallon and tried a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup for the first time.

The sketch kicks off with a redo of the training scene from Wonder Woman, featuring Cecily Strong as Diana's mother Hippolyta, telling her that she does not want her to fight.

Gadot went on to talk about Wonder Woman, at which point Leslie Jones came out in her own Amazonian outfit.

But the sketch also plays off the belief that Wonder Woman must have been romantically involved in this exclusively female paradise. "Hi Eema, hi Abba", Gadot said, calling out to her parents in Hebrew.

During her opening monologue, Gadot revealed that the episode was being aired live in her home country, Israel.

That history is dramatized in the film "Professor Marston & the Wonder Women", which opens Friday.

The Maiden and the Mice - I'm a sucker for a good sketch that plays up the reality of a given fantastical situation for comedic effect.

In another amusing skit, SNL's McKinnon and Aidy Bryant are lesbians who are disappointed to find themselves the only gay women in Themyscira, the home of Wonder Woman, in an island surrounded by handsome women. She'll reprise the role next month in Justice League. Thompson's character quickly confirms that Gadot's character was in a war-torn country in the '90s, so that took up most of her attention.

"So, that a nick name?" she asked.

Saturday Night Live is already getting off to a superstar start.



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