Don't let yourself, your kids be tricked this Halloween


Don't let yourself, your kids be tricked this Halloween

"If you know of a sex offender participating in Halloween events, leave that area and contact law enforcement as soon as possible".

- Parents should set specific times to go out and check in on their children once in a while.

Many costumes may be dark in color, making it more hard for drivers to see people.

In the past few years, more families in MI and across the nation have opted to hand out non-food treats at Halloween, such as small toys and games, which Sawyer said also makes the holiday more inclusive for kids with food allergies.

"On Halloween, more children are on the street after dark than normal, and due to their excitement, they may run out into the street without thinking", said Mike Causey, the North Carolina commissioner of insurance, who oversees Safe Kids NC.

Trick-or-treat in familiar neighborhoods, stay in well-lit areas and use sidewalks whenever possible.

- Face paint should be nontoxic and tested for allergies before fully applied.

It's also getting darker earlier, so make sure your kids wear reflective costumes & a flashlight is always a great accessory. Remind children never to cross the street mid-block or between parked cars.

" Walk on sidewalks or paths".

" Put electronic devices down and keep heads up and walk, don't run, across the street".

Officials encourage parents to take advantage of organized, supervised Halloween events for their children and asks them to end door-to-door trick-or-treating by 8 a courtesy to residents.

Children over the age of 12 responsible enough to go without parents should stay in groups and follow an agreed upon route. Drive slowly and be careful backing up.

Drivers should be extra cautious, especially at intersections.

If you're wondering about sex offenders, the same law that requires them to register also prohibits them from handing out candy to kids or being near them.

Halloween can be a real treat, but don't let the fun fool you: it's actually one of the most risky days of the year for kids.



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