Australian real estate agent tosses shark out of oceanside pool


Australian real estate agent tosses shark out of oceanside pool

An Australian woman has found online fame after a clip of her casually picking up a stranded shark was posted on Facebook.

Our in house Shark Wrangler Melissa Hatheier wrestling a shark out of Oak Park Rock Pool yesterday morning! "I just helped the shark relocate to the ocean".

Not keen on finishing her swim early, a Sydney women chose to throw the pesky shark out of the pool.

Hatheier has become an internet sensation after the courageous act.

She amazed onlookers by swimming alongside it before calmly lifting it out the pool, over and wall and dropping it into the sea.

"My Mum, who swims at Oak Park every morning, called me just after 7 a.m. on Monday and said, 'There's a shark in the rock pool, '" Hatheier told Nine Network's Today show. She isn't sure if the shark was indeed a Port Jackson or another type.

"He was getting stressed because he was bumping into the rocks and I was thinking I just need to put him back where he is meant to be". "I trapped him in a shallow place, and n I caught him jumping on it".

"Everyone was saying, 'What do we do?' Mum even rang triple zero and the police came".

She added: "I thought, as long as I keep my hand near its fins it couldn't bite me; I wouldn't have grabbed it by the tail though". He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper.

Her daughter Shannon captured video of the rescue, and the footage has made Hatheier a hero, as well as a viral sensation.

"I'm a real estate agent".



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