Amazon's new Kindle is the first to be waterproof


Amazon's new Kindle is the first to be waterproof

There is also an option of choosing from five levels of boldness and new font-sizes.

Amazon still has a huge range of Kindles, so it sees the Oasis as not only a flagship but also as an ultra-premium device for the most devoted of readers.

The new model has a 7” screen (up from 6”) but keeps the 300ppi pixel density. Last year's Oasis relied on an electroplated metal alloy over a standard plastic case.

Amazon's next-generation eReader is here.

The new features come with an increased price tag, of course.

Like the previous version of the Oasis, the new model is lopsided, with one side jutting out far beyond the screen to make it easier to hold.

This is the first Kindle to be waterproof, too. Amazon basically refined its look for this year's model. That means you can start reading a book and then switch over to the audio version without losing your spot-Amazon will even offer a discount if you buy both the ebook and audio versions of a book at the same time. This doesn't mean you can listen to Audible from the Kindle - it still doesn't have any speakers - but you can start an audio book from the device and stream it over Bluetooth to a set of headphones or a speaker. Why, friend, because now you can download and play Audible audiobooks over Bluetooth - result!

Amazon says the Oasis has six weeks of battery life (based on 30 minutes of reading per day). On the hardware front, the Oasis now has an ambient light sensor, allowing it to adjust its front light automatically. "With a larger 7-inch, 300 ppi display, waterproof design, and Audible built right in, the all-new Kindle Oasis is our most advanced Kindle ever". Otherwise, you'll probably be fine sticking with last year's model.

Despite the bigger screen, the new Oasis is actually ten grams lighter than the popular Kindle Paperwhite, weighing in at just 194g. It is robust enough to cope with sea water splashes or immersion in pool, hot tub or bath water with an IPX8 rating, meaning it can withstand being dunked in up to two metres of fresh water for up to an hour. You still get two physical page-turn buttons alongside the display, or alternatively you can just tap the touchscreen. Additionally, you'll be able to connect to Wi-Fi or take advantage of the free cellular connectivity provided by Amazon.

Finally, there's Kobo Aura One, which comes in at $229.99.

It's the first water-resistant Kindle.



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