Amazon Key is a new service that brings your packages indoors


Amazon Key is a new service that brings your packages indoors

After that is set up, customers can choose "in-home delivery" at no extra cost.

Any new user added to an existing Amazon Business account with Business Prime Shipping will be automatically enrolled in this membership. Alexa, call Amazon customer services, I've been robbed.

Amazon has been testing the service for several months and thinks it could solve the problem of package theft and security. Amazon will make sure the person is at the right home and unlock the door. Would you trust Amazon and give them access to your home? Paired with a new Amazon-built security camera, the service is aimed at taking packages from the doorstep to just inside the home. Customers can stay on top of in-home deliveries with real-time alerts and by watching the video of the delivery either in real time or after it's completed.

"This state-of-the-art technology doesn't simply replace a key with a digital passcode", according to the press release.

The moment the package is scanned it also triggers the Amazon Cloud Cam so that it can record the moment of delivery.

For example, drivers can be informed through the app of any access codes needed to bypass barriers between the street and customer front door, such as an apartment complex gate.

Do you love ordering from Amazon, but hate that nagging question in the back of your mind?

Amazon Key customers will have to buy a smart lock and Cloud Cam camera to use the service, which is only available to Prime members, USA Today reported.

To get started, you'll have to cough up $249 on Amazon's Key In-Home Kit.

Inc. said in-home delivery will be available November 8 in 37 cities, including Atlanta, Cleveland and Denver.

Obviously, the areas in which Amazon Key will first launch include major metropolitan areas around the country, with all of the usual suspects like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington DC all present and accounted for.

The system is not compatible with alarm systems, which must be turned off prior to delivery, or free-roaming house dogs, Amazon said on its website. The service, which will be available to Prime members beginning next month, will grant Amazon delivery drivers with keyless access to your house so they can drop off your packages safely inside. Users who want their packages delivered inside their homes can select the "in home" option on the app to get their items delivered inside their residence when they're not home.

The company said the smart lock can also be used to let in out-of-town guests who want to make themselves at home.



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