Air passenger could face tighter security measures at Edinburgh Airport


- All airline passengers on global flights heading to the United States could be dealing with new delays at the airport.

The new measures began on Thursday. Others will question travelers at the gate before they are allowed to board. A spokeswoman for the Transportation Security Administration said the new steps will cover about 2,100 flights a day.

Travelers could face more detailed inspection of their electronic devices. AI and United are the only two airlines that fly nonstop between India and US.

Passengers bound for the US need to arrive at boarding gates about half an hour before departure under enhanced security measures starting Thursday.

It said passengers will have "no problems" despite tougher security screenings if they arrive at the airport about three hours before departure.

In March, the USA banned passengers from taking large electrical devices such as laptops on board flights from eight mainly Muslim countries over security fears. Passengers also had to have their carry-on bags searched, along with their electronics.

Delta Air Lines and Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways are telling global travelers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight to allow time for security screening.

Most say they're ready, and they've had four months' notice.

Royal Jordanian operates direct flights from Amman to New York, Chicago and Detroit.

The American government said that travellers on all flights into the USA may be questioned about the objective of their journey by airline staff and private security experts before departure, reports the Guardian.

Lufthansa Group includes Germany's largest carrier, Lufthansa, as well as Austrian Airlines, Swiss, Eurowings and several other airlines.

So far. But TSA has also stepped up security rules for domestic flights.



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