4 in 5 Americans Feel 'Dreamers' Should Stay in US, Become Citizens


4 in 5 Americans Feel 'Dreamers' Should Stay in US, Become Citizens

"Plus, I'm very much in tune with immigration as being an integral part of what makes America great".

Yes - more so now than for decades. The American people have a different take. It then grew steadily during the long postwar boom to around one million a year in the 1990s - the level where it remains today. "We as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents".

Why is this trend controversial?

"They're basically being displaced into a country they've never lived in". In the early 1960s, 5% of the population was born overseas. But you have to actually get it into immigration by October 5. The real controversy centres on the number in the United States illegally, rather than the absolute level of immigration. Well, here's a newsflash: Illegal immigration to this country is actually down dramatically. They don't know their native land, technically this is their native land.

"We are willing to talk with anyone providing certainty to these children". Fixing this obviously unsatisfactory situation has always been a political nightmare.

"At the government level, certainly at the federal level, we have done just a awful job in terms of figuring out immigration and letting people flounder and not understanding processes going forward", the Petaluma resident said while addressing a sizable crowd gathered at the Lucchesi Park community center. Their allies in the Democratic Party support the wage-cutting inflow because they expect the immigrants will eventually allow them to dominate national politics, just as they now dominate California politics. Finding a compromise on these two points has proved impossible.

The document was written after a months-long internal battle at the White House in which some of Trump's top aides have been pushing him to protect Dreamers and use the issue as a bargaining chip for a larger immigration deal. Trump believes that his proposal will "reduce poverty, increase wages and save billions and billions of dollars" - all assertions that are disputed by many economists.

If work authorization is granted, other arrangements would have to be made for these individuals.

On the question of whether to build a wall on the border, 57-percent opposed it compared to 37-percent who favored it.

Trump is first giving Congress six months - until March 5, 2018 - to codify the legal protections for the roughly 800,000 DACA recipients, commonly known as "Dreamers", who were brought to the US illegally as children.

Then, if they remain in good standing, they could apply for a regular green card, and five years later apply for full USA citizenship.

Silbiger said the silver linings in the DACA debate are people who had put off finalizing or taking a serious look at their immigration status are now doing so, and many immigrant millennials like Morales and young people who are already USA citizens are becoming more politically aware and politically active.

Democrats and immigrant-rights activists have berated Ms. Duke and President Trump for their decision to phase out the Obama-era deportation amnesty for Dreamers, calling it cruel. Those who stay out of trouble, as the clear majority does, should be eligible for driver's licenses and work permits; they should also be expected to pay taxes. After meeting those requirements, eligible Dreamers may apply for a formal green card. After five years, if they do not violate the conditions of the visa, they are allowed to reapply.

This deadline to renew their status comes after the Trump administration recently announced the program's cancellation.

So if Republicans can pass a legislative fix for DACA, it may well benefit them politically in a number of ways. Immigration-rights activists are, of course, outraged, while corporate leaders from Facebook to Goldman Sachs have slammed the move as immoral and economically misconceived.

The aide said Democrats "look forward" to engaging Trump on a border security package sketched out at the dinner with the president, which did not include most of the conservative ideas now being floated in Congress.



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