3-year-old boy left alone in corn maze overnight


3-year-old boy left alone in corn maze overnight

Corn mazes are one of the many fun, fall activities that crop up each year around the country, but for one 3-year-old boy, being left behind in a maze made for a scary night.

Authorities cared for the child until his mother called police at about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday when she realized her son was missing.

"He was crying and upset and obviously scared", Kendall Schmidt, co-owner of the corn maze, told The Washington Post in a phone interview Wednesday.

Staffers called on a bullhorn and searched for his family but couldn't find anyone until his mother called police Tuesday morning.

The corn maze staff got the boy a blanket.

After closing, the officer turned the child over to the Department of Child and Family Services.

"She said that she believes she might have left him at the corn maze", Monson said. When the group returned home, they watched a movie and she dozed off, unaware that she had left her child.

The Utah boy has now been reunited with his family after getting separated from a big group of people and getting lost Monday, KUTV of Salt Lake City is reporting.

Monson says it wasn't immediately clear how the child's disappearance went undetected, but police are investigating whether any criminal charges are warranted. These are all questions investigators want to ask'. Nor did they notice his absence at bedtime, or overnight.



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