World's Heaviest women Eman Ahmed dies at Burjeel Hospital of Abu Dhabi


World's Heaviest women Eman Ahmed dies at Burjeel Hospital of Abu Dhabi

She had been under the supervision of over 20 doctors from different specialities, said the report.

Eman Ahmed was cited as the world's heaviest woman and weighed nearly 500 kg when she was flown to Mumbai's Saifee hospital for her weight loss surgery.

An Egyptian woman deemed the world's heaviest woman died in an Abu Dhabi hospital on Monday morning only one week after celebrating her 37th birthday.

In May, Ms Ahmed was transported to Abu Dhabi for further operations. Doctors in Mumbai said she would go through physiotherapy in Abu Dhabi. A month later, she had lost more than 550 pounds in total, allowing her to sit in a wheelchair - "something we never dreamt of 3 months back", her family said.

Abu Dhabi: Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian national, who was once world's heaviest woman, passed away in Abu Dhabi hospital due to multiple organ failure.

She suffered from parasitic disease Elephantiasis and was constantly hungry as a result. According to doctors who were treating Ahmed at Burjeel Hospital, she had shown signs of improvement after shifting from Mumbai.

The Burjeel hospital had offered to take care of her medical conditions and treatment after a bitter spat broke out between Eman's sister Shaima Selim and the Saifee Hospital management in May. At Burjeel Hospital, doctors were hoping she would walk again. After this she had been hit by many diseases.

Following the procedure, which was paid for through a crowdsourcing campaign, she managed to reduce her weight to just 176kg. It's unclear if she was in surgery at the time of her death.

THE world's ex-fattest woman has died - after spending 25 years in bed battling a range of health issues caused by her weight.



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